27 May 2019

Thematic Focus: Work/Economic Aspects

Analyse des Systèmes de Marchés: Niger (UNHCR & ILO, May 2019) [text]

Building America’s New Workforce (International Rescue Committee, May 2019) [text]

Data Defies Trump's Claim that Refugees and Asylees Burden Taxpayers (Center for Public Integrity, May 2019) [text]

*Doing Business in Dadaab: Market Systems Analysis for Local Economic Development in Dadaab, Kenya (ILO & UNHCR, April 2019) [text via ReliefWeb]

The Economic Costs of the US-Mexico Border Slowdown (The Perryman Group, April 2019) [text via ImmigrationProf Blog]

An Employed Society is a Stable Society: A Brief View on How Entrepreneurship Can Improve Refugees’ Livelihoods (Global Policy Opinion Blog, April 2019) [text]

Engaging with Employers in the Hiring of Refugees: A 10-point Multi-stakeholder Action Plan for Employers, Refugees, Governments and Civil Society (UNHCR, May 2019) [text]

The Evolution of the Australian System for Selecting Economic Immigrants (Migration Policy Institute, May 2019) [text]

How Urban are IDPs and What Does That Mean for Their Economic Integration? (Center for Global Development, May 2019) [text]
- See also related CGD policy brief and blog post.

"In a Kenyan Refugee Camp, Business Ideas but Little Access to Credit," The New Humanitarian, 1 May 2019 [text]

Private Sector & Refugees: Pathways to Scale (Bridgespan Group & International Finance Corporation, May 2019) [text via ReliefWeb]

"Start-up: The Rohingya Entrepreneurs Eking Out a Living in Refugee Camps," The New Humanitarian, 29 April 2019 [text]

Tapping Potential: Guidelines to Help British Businesses Employ Refugees (UNHCR et al., May 2019) [text]
- See also related UNHCR news story.

"Why We Should Care about Regional Origins: Educational Selectivity among Refugees and Labor Migrants in Western Europe," Frontiers in Sociology, 7 May 2019 [open access]


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