06 June 2011

Humanitarian Studies Conf. Now Over, Looking Ahead to IASFM

The Second World Conference on Humanitarian Studies ended on Sunday, June 5th. For some comments and observations about the discussions, visit the "Innovating Humanitarianism" blog hosted on The Broker or browse through tweets from conference-goers. See also a brief report in IRIN about the event. While full-text papers have not been posted on the conference web site, email addresses are available for contacting authors directly.

The International Humanitarian Studies Association (IHSA) held its annual meeting for members during the conference. One aim of the association is to promote more exchanges among humanitarian scholars, policymakers and practitioners throughout the world. Currently, the membership of IHSA is roughly divided between academics and policymakers/practitioners, with the latter group also making up half of the presenters at the conference.

Next up: The IASFM conference in Kampala next month! Abstracts for the many papers to be presented are now available for browsing.

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