22 June 2011

Publications: Emerg. Response/UK, Palestinian Ref. & IDPs, Resettlement/Australia, Unacc. Minors & Health, UNHCR GBV Strategy

Action against Sexual and Gender-Based Violence: An Updated Strategy (UNHCR, June 2011) [text]

Cause for Hope? DFID's Response to the Humanitarian Emergency Response Review, HPG Briefing Note (ODI, June 2011) [text]

Economic, Social and Civic Contributions of First and Second Generation Humanitarian Entrants (National Centre for Social Applications of Geographical Information Systems, University of Adelaide, June 2011) [text via BROCAP]

Q&A: What You Need to Know about Palestinian Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (Badil, May 2011) [text]

Unaccompanied Minor Asylum Seekers' Health Promotion in a Reception Center: Recommendations for Good Practice, Thesis submitted to Dept. of Health Care (Laurea University of Applied Sciences, 2011) [text]

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