10 June 2011

Publications: AGDM Policy, Aid & Protracted Crises, Art in Camps, Border Controls, Humanitarian Leadership

Age, Gender and Diversity Policy: Working with People and Communities for Equality and Protection (UNHCR, June 2011) [text]

Aid Policy: Classifications Questioned in Protracted Crises (IRIN, June 2011) [text]

Border Control and the Limits of the Sovereign State, Oxford Legal Studies Research Paper No. 32/2011 (University of Oxford, May 2011) [text via SSRN]

Leadership in Action: Leading Effectively in Humanitarian Operations (ALNAP, June 2011) [text]

Positive Energy: A Review of the Role of Artistic Activities in Refugee Camps, PDES/2011/06 (UNHCR, June 2011) [text]

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