10 June 2011

June 20th: World Refugee Day; Refugee Weeks/Australia & UK

UNHCR announced today that the theme of this year's World Refugee Day (WRD) is "One Refugee Without Hope is Too Many." This ties in with an awareness-raising campaign encouraging people to "Do 1 Thing." In its news story entitled "UNHCR plans rich World Refugee Day programme during 60th year," the organization also lists some of the myriad activities planned in different regions around the world to honor refugees. While the main UNHCR web site has not yet posted specific details on its WRD page, UNHCR Australia's public information section provides a glimpse of some of the resource materials that will be used in the campaign.

Both Australia and the UK organize Refugee Weeks to coincide with World Refugee Day. Australia's will run from June 19th to June 25th, while the UK's will begin June 20th and continue through the 26th. Both sites highlight country-wide events, suggest ways to get involved, and provide access to information and resources to learn more about refugees and refugee issues.

Other high-level meetings to be held immediately before and after World Refugee Day include:

Events & Opportunities and Web Sites/Tools.

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