13 June 2011

Recent Theses

With the growth in research repositories at academic institutions, theses are becoming a bit easier to find online in full-text. Here is a sampling of titles, predominantly from 2011, and by graduates from a diverse cross-section of universities:

  • Analyzing Educational Attainments and Occupational Outcomes of Tibetan Refugees Living in India, Thesis submitted to the Department of Sociology (University of Kentucky, May 2011) [text]
  • Challenges of Reintegrating Returning Refugees: A Case Study of Returnee Access to Land and to Basic Services in Burundi, Thesis submitted to the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education (University of Tromsø, March 2011) [text]
  • Exploring the Education Experiences of Sudanese Refugee Women Living in the United States, Thesis submitted to the Graduate College (Bowling Green State University, May 2011) [text]
  • Finding Meaning in Oral History Sources through Storytelling and Religion: Case Study of Three Cambodian Refugees, Thesis submitted to the Department of History (Concordia University, April 2011) [text]
  • Keeping the Flame of Hope Alight: Refugees and Right to Access to Healthcare Services in South Africa, Thesis submitted to the Faculty of Health Sciences (University of the Witwatersrand, March 2011) [text]
  • The Right to Return from Lebanon: Stuck between Statelessness and a Hostile Host Country; Options for Palestinian Refugees, Thesis submitted to Center for Conflict Studies (Universiteit Utrecht, 2011) [text]
  • The State of Statelessness: Justice, Violence, Subjectivity, and Urban Asylum Seeking and Refugee Women in Cairo, Thesis submitted to the Cynthia Nelson Institute for Gender and Women's Studies (The American University in Cairo, July 2010) [text]

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