07 July 2011

Conference Reports

Armed Non-State Actors and the Protection of Internally Displaced People, Geneva, 23-24 March 2011 [text]

Conference on the Implementation and the Further Development of EAC, Valletta, 21-22 June 2011 [summary] [UNHCR speech]

Iraq: IDPs and Their Prospects for Durable Solutions: Briefing paper presented at the UNHCR annual consultations with non-governmental organisations, 28–30 June 2011, Geneva (IDMC, June 2011) [text via ReliefWeb]

North Africa in Transition: Mobility, Forced Migration & Humanitarian Crises, Oxford, 6 May 2011 [workshop report]

Regional Conferences on Refugee Protection and International Migration in Central America, Western Africa, Eastern Africa and Asia: Selected Conference Materials (UNHCR, June 2011) [text]
- Reproduces materials from six conferences.

To Stay and Deliver: Good Practice for Humanitarians in Complex Security Environments, Washington, DC, 21 June 2011 [transcript/audio]

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