19 July 2011

Country of Origin Information Resources


COI Updates [access]
- Bi-monthly updates from the Asylum Research Consultancy that provide "an update of Country Guidance case law, UKBA publications and developments in refugee producing countries."

CRS Report: Country Conditions Are the Driving Force Behind Asylum Seekers (The Asylumist, July 2011) [text]

The Use of Country of Origin Information in Deciding Asylum Applications: A Thematic Inspection (Independent Chief Inspector of the UK Border Agency, July 2011) [text]
- "While Case Owners are generally familiar with, and use, the reports produced by the Country of Origin Information Service (COIS), I found evidence that country information had been used selectively or otherwise inappropriately in decision-making. In addition, there was inconsistency in the way Case Owners obtained information in the absence of a COIS report and in the way it was referenced in decision letters to asylum applicants."


"Country of Origin Information," European Asylum Curriculum [info]
- Online portion begins 16 Jan. 2012, face-to-face dates are 14-17 Feb. 2012; register by 15 Nov. 2011.

"Improving Member States Asylum Systems and Defining Good Practices," European Institute of Public Administration, Maastricht, 22-23 Sept. 2011 [info]
- Includes a session on "Country of Origin Information: collection and use in individual cases."

"Researching Country of Origin Information," COI Training Network [info]
- The next Blended Learning course will take place in Sept. 2011.

Web Site:

10 years of ecoi.net [access]
- The European Country of Origin Network is now a decade old. Visit the site to see what new features are on offer.

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