01 July 2011

New UNHCR Working Papers

UNHCR's Policy Development and Evaluation Section (PDES) has just published five new New Issues in Refugee Research working papers. Titles are as follows:

  • No. 209: Refugees as citizens, employees and customers: settlement support in an Australian town [text]
  • No. 210: Asylum and the path to citizenship: a case study of Somalis in the United Kingdom [text]
  • No. 211: A bridge between two worlds: leadership among resettled Sudanese youth in an American city [text]
  • No. 212: Unmet needs and diminished opportunities: disability, displacement and humanitarian healthcare [text]
  • No. 213: 'Repatriation is not for everyone': the life and livelihoods of former refugees in Liberia [text]

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