01 July 2011

New Multimedia Resources

Breaking into Israel (Unreported World, June 2011) [access]
- Video report on African immigrants trying to get to Israel.

Conversations with America: Helping the World’s Refugees (DipNote Blog, June 2011) [access]
- Video discussion between Eric Schwartz (U.S. Dept. of State) and George Rupp (IRC).

The Last Survivor (SnagFilms, June 2011) [access]
- Presented on World Refugee Day, this film "follows survivors of four different mass atrocity crimes - Darfur, Rwanda, Congo, and the Holocaust."

On the Run: Photography Has a Voice (BBC News, June 2011) [access]
- Feature on photographer Espen Rasmussen's work with refugees and IDPs. (HT Refugee Archives.)

Refugee Status in Law and in Practice (Global Conversation, posted May 2011) [access]
- Video of Brown University student discussing her senior thesis, "Defining the Borders of the Nation: Refugee Policy, Regime Security, and the Formation of National Identity in Jordan."

Rwanda and the Cessation Clause (LoonarCity Productions, 2011) [access]
- Documentary on Rwandan refugees in Uganda who will lose their refugee status come December 2011. (HT SRLAN.)

Slideshow: Palestinian Refugees (Christian Aid, June 2011) [access]
- Companion to report launched on World Refugee Day.

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