29 February 2012

Events after the fact

Annual Meeting of the Informal Consultation Group of the World Bank Global Program on Forced Displacement (GPFD), Copenhagen, 2 Dec. 2011 [access]
- Follow link for summary note, some of the presentations and other related resources.

Border Management and Protection of Refugees, Zagreb, 13-14 Oct. 2011 [meeting report]
- Fourth Cross Border Cooperation Meeting.

Canadian Refugee Policy in a Global Context, Toronto, 20 Oct. 2011 [info] [video]
- "The objective of this event is to situate current Canadian refugee policy in comparative and global context, and to stimulate discussion and debate."

The Changing Face of Global Displacement: Responses and Responsibilities, Sydney, 14 Feb. 2012 [access]
- UN High Commissioner for Refugees, António Guterres, spoke the Lowy Institute; an audio and transcript of the address are available along with a separate interview.

The Kampala Convention and Internal Displacement, New York, 14 Nov. 2011 [access]
- Follow the link for a video and summary of the event.

A Long Way from Home: Rural and Regional Resettlement Experiences of Visible Migrants and Refugees, Melbourne, 10 Feb. 2012 [access]
- Conference presentations are available.

Refugee-centred versus State-centred Approaches to Integration: Processes, Practices and Narratives, London, 26 Oct. 2011 [text] [podcast]
- Seminar in the New Challenges in Refugee Integration series.

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