24 February 2012

Protracted Crises

Dadaab, the world's biggest refugee camp, is now 20 years old. It currently hosts some 463,000 refugees, mainly Somalis, "including some 10,000 third-generation refugees born in Dadaab to refugee parents who were also born there."

Prolonged displacement crises such as these are referred to as "protracted refugee situations," and defined as "situations in which refugees have lived in exile for 5 years or more, and where there is a low likelihood of resolving their situation in the near future." The Refugee Studies Centre (RSC) recently unveiled a new web site that focuses on this issue. It provides access to an introduction to the concept; numerous case studies, both contemporary and historical; related thematic pages with links to resources; an extensive bibliography; and information about other initiatives.

More information posted on this blog on refugee camps and protracted crises can be browsed here.

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