28 February 2012

Focus on Urban Issues


Upcoming events:

A Tale of Two Cities: Urban Refugees in Cairo and Amman, Washington, DC,
1 March 2012 [info]
- Note: For Georgetown University students, faculty and staff.

CFP: Contested Urban Spaces in the 21st Century: Planning with Recognition, Tel Aviv, 16-17 May 2012 [info]
- One of the issues to be discussed is "Urban displacement and the return of refugees as a planning issue"; submit abstracts by 15 March 2012.

A Growing Challenge: Psychosocial and Mental Health Support for Refugees and Migrants Living in Urban Settings, Cairo, 11-13 April 2012 [info]
- Registration is now open for this event.

Past event:

The Urban Challenge: Adapting Humanitarian Response to a Changing World, Chennai, India, 17-19 January 2012 [info]
- Presentations and meeting report are now available.


Attacks Bring New Risks for Kenya's Urban Somalis (World Bridge Blog, Feb. 2012) [text]

Children in an Urban World: The State of the World's Children 2012 (UNICEF, 2012) [access]

Taking the Next Step in Refugee Aid (Fletcher Forum of World Affairs, Feb. 2012) [text]

Urban Disasters, Conflict and Violence: Implications for Humanitarian Work (Brookings-LSE Project on Internal Displacement, Feb. 2012) [text]

"Urban Violence and Humanitarian Action: Engaging the Fragile City," Journal of Humanitarian Assistance (Jan. 2012) [text]

Urbanisation: The Refugee Game-changer (IRC, Feb. 2012) [text]

The Urbanisation of Displaced People, CIVIS, no. 5 (Cities Alliance, May 2011) [text]

Watch out for:

Protection of the Displaced in Urban Areas, Forced Migration Policy Brief (Refugee Studies Centre, forthcoming 2012)

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