31 October 2012

New Web Sites/Networks

Assessment Capacities Project (ACAPS) [access]
- "Dedicated to improving the assessment of needs in complex emergencies and crises" by providing "tools, know-how and training to a wide range of humanitarian actors."

Context [access]
- A humanitarian staff development project that offers a training programme in management and leadership skills and core skills.

Global Protection Cluster [access]
- "The Global Protection Cluster coordinates and provides global level inter-agency policy advice and guidance on the implementation of the cluster approach to Protection Clusters in the field, supports protection responses in non-refugee situation humanitarian action as well as leads standard and policy setting relating to protection in complex and natural disaster humanitarian emergencies, in particular with regard to the protection of internally displaced persons."

Humanitarian Innovation Project [access]
- This project "seeks to explore the emerging and under-researched way in which innovation can be harnessed to transform humanitarian assistance, particularly in relation to refugee protection."

IMPALA: International Migration Policy and Law Analysis Database [access]
- Read the position paper to learn more about this initiative.

Urban Humanitarian Response Portal [access]
- The site provides access to "a searchable inventory of documentation related to emergency response, rehabilitation and reconstruction in urban environments."

When the War Was Over: European Refugees after 1945 [access]
- "We believe that historical case studies such as this provide a valuable means of interpreting contemporary issues concerning the causes of flight, the categorisation of people as refugees and asylum seekers, the incarceration of refugees and Displaced Persons in camps, the experiences of refugees, and so forth."


AidSource [access]
- A humanitarian social network.

Keep in Touch with UNHCR [access]
- "This community brings together former and current UNHCR staff members and their families."

Worldwide Community of Resettled Refugees [info] [access]
- Online community for "any refugee or former refugee who has resettled in a third country... ."  Free, but requires invitation to join; find out how via the info link.

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