22 October 2012

Open Access Week 2012

Open Access Week 2012 runs from 22-28 October!  In the past, I have used this week to:

- introduce Open Access (OA) and its benefits to the forced migration research community;
- provide forced migration-specific examples of journals and scholarly research that are OA;
- spotlight forced migration authors who deposit their articles in OA archives; and
- provide strategies to forced migration authors to encourage them to make their work OA.

There are many encouraging signs that OA is becoming a more familiar concept in our field, and so this week, I plan to look at the inroads that OA has made in the forced migration context.

If you need a brief refresher on what Open Access is and the main mechanisms for delivering it, check out this "Very Brief Introduction to Open Access."  Or for a slightly longer overview, read my article in FMR on "Open Access to Scholarly Research."

You can also browse through all my previous posts from past Open Access weeks.

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