07 November 2012

25 Years of FMR

Another milestone to report today, this time for the 25th anniversary of the Forced Migration Review (FMR).  The editors have chosen to celebrate by building up a special collection of articles that "consider where we are now in relation to many of the themes covered by FMR. We are inviting a selection of former guest editors, authors and donors to write on developments, lessons, challenges, gaps – and their thoughts about the future for displaced people and our sector."

Two articles in this budding collection are currently available:
- a thought piece from the current editors of FMR, Marion Couldrey and Maurice Herson, and
- an A to Z perspective on 25 years of forced migration from Jeff Crisp

Future contributions will be posted here; eventually, they will be combined into a full anniversary feature issue.

Happy 25th, FMR!

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