07 November 2012

Barbara Harrell-Bond

Barbara Harrell-Bond, the founding director of the Refugee Studies Centre (RSC), celebrates her 80th birthday today.  She not only helped to further the academic credentials of refugee studies as a "legitimate field of research and teaching," but she has also been a strong advocate for facilitating access to information.  Two examples: She instigated the move in the early 2000s to widen access to the grey literature held in the RSC library through the creation of a digital repository of research materials, and more recently, she established the Fahamu Refugee Programme web site to provide information support to refugee legal aid providers.

A number of her publications are available in full-text in FMO's digital library, including her seminal work from 1986, Imposing Aid: Emergency Assistance to Refugees.

An annual RSC lecture held in her name will be given today in Oxford on "The Architecture of Refugee Protection."

Happy Birthday, Barbara!

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