04 June 2013

New Issues of FMR and JRS

Two new issues of periodicals affiliated with the Refugee Studies Centre (RSC) are now available:

Forced Migration Review, no. 43 (May 2013) [open access text]

- "Many states fail in their responsibilities to their citizens but those states which are fragile, failed or weak are particularly liable to render their citizens vulnerable. This latest issue of FMR includes 24 articles on fragile states and displacement, going behind the definitions, typologies and indicators to explore some of the concepts and realities, looking at a variety of cases and discussing some of the humanitarian and development responses. In addition, this issue contains eight further 'general articles' on other aspects of displacement."

Note:  A call for papers has been issued for FMR's Dec. 2013 edition that will focus on "crisis migration."

Journal of Refugee Studies, vol. 26, no. 2 (June 2013) [contents]

  • 'We Are Not Here to Claim Better Services Than Any Other': Social Exclusion among Men from Refugee Backgrounds in Urban and Regional Australia [free full-text]
  • The Housing Resettlement Experience of Refugee Immigrants to Australia [free full-text]
  • Unpacking the Micro-Macro Nexus: Narratives of Suffering and Hope among Refugees from Burma Recently Settled in Australia [abstract]
  • ‘It Was the Most Beautiful Country I Have Ever Seen’: The Role of Somali Narratives in Adapting to a New Country [abstract]
  • Safeguarding a Child Perspective in Asylum Reception: Dilemmas of Children’s Case Workers in Sweden [abstract]
  • Repatriation and Integration of Liberian Refugees from Ghana: The Importance of Personal Networks in the Country of Origin [abstract]
  • Remaining Internally Displaced: Missing Links to Security in Northern Uganda [free full-text]

This issue also includes a review article and 7 book reviews.

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