03 June 2013

Thematic Focus: Education


"Overcoming Barriers to Education for Refugees with Disabilities," Migration Australia Journal, vol. 3 (forthcoming, 2013) [eprint via SSRN]

"Peace Education and its Discontents: An Evaluation of Youth, Violence, and School-based Peace Programs in Northern Uganda," Pursuit, vol. 4, no. 2 (2013) [full-text]

"Psychosocial Well-being within Refugee Education in Cairo," Fahamu Refugee Legal Aid Newsletter, no. 38 (June 2013) [full-text]

The Role and Status of Refugee Teachers, Information Brief (Commonwealth Secretariat, 2013) [text]
- Info. about the book this brief describes is available here.

Uncounted and Unacknowledged: Syria's Refugee University Students and Academics in Jordan (Jadaliyya, May 2013) [text]

UNHCR to Expand Higher Education Opportunities for the Forcibly Displaced (UNHCR, April 2013) [text]


Global Education Magazine [info]
- Special issue will honor World Refugee Day.

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