12 June 2013

Regional Focus: Europe

The European Parliament has voted to adopt several legal instruments that form part of the asylum package known as the Common European Asylum System (CEAS), specifically the Asylum Procedures Directive, the Reception Conditions Directive, and the Dublin Regulation. Two other measures round out the package: the Qualification Directive, which was adopted in December 2011, and the EURODAC Regulation, which will be adopted by the JHA Council on 20 June 2013.

Follow this link to the European Commission site for more background information and factsheets on the various provisions that make up the CEAS.

For additional assessments of the CEAS, see:

- Establishing a Common European Asylum System: Still a Long Way to Go. NGO Statement on the Occasion of the Final Vote on the Asylum Package [text]
- Moving Further Toward a Common European Asylum System: UNHCR’s statement on the EU asylum legislative package [text]
- Revised Rules for Treatment of Asylum-seekers [text]

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