12 June 2014

Regional Focus: Africa

The Application of Sphere Standards by the UNHCR to Nomadic Lifestyle in the Refugee Hosting area of Intikane, Niger (UNHCR, Dec. 2013) [text via ReliefWeb]

Central African Republic: Let Muslims Seek Safety (Human Rights Watch, June 2014) [text]

Community Based Child Protection Mechanisms amongst Urban Refugees in Kampala, Uganda: An Ethnographic Study (Child Protection in Crisis, Dec. 2013) [text]

Going West: Contemporary Mixed Migration Trends from the Horn of Africa to Libya & Europe (RMMS, June 2014) [text]

Kenya Turns up the Heat on Somali Refugees (IRIN, June 2014) [text]

Report of the Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Internally Displaced Persons, UN Doc. No. A/HRC/26/33 (UN Human Rights Council, April 2014) [text via Refworld]
- Section III focuses on the African Union Convention for the Protection and Assistance of Internally Displaced Persons in Africa (Kampala Convention).

Unconditional Cash Transfers to Reduce Food Insecurity for Displaced Households and Assist in the Repatriation of People to Their Villages of Origin - Regions of Zinder, Agadez and Maradi in Niger (Cash Learning Partnership, May 2014) [text via ReliefWeb]

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