23 October 2017

News: Open Access Week 2017

I launched this blog back in 2005 in order to help users more easily get their hands on free full-text forced migration-related research and information that was posted on the web. I didn't realize at the time that I was also engaged in promoting Open Access to scholarly literature, i.e., that which is "digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions" (Suber, 2004). In 2009, I highlighted Open Access Week for the first time, in order to raise awareness and understanding of the importance of free and unfettered access to research within the forced migration community.

It's Open Access Week yet again! This year it runs from 23-29 October 2017. The theme is "Open in order to...," the aim of which is to "to move the discussion beyond talking about openness itself and instead focus on what openness enables—in an individual discipline, at a particular institution, or in a specific context; then to take action to realize these benefits."

What does openness mean in the forced migration context?  For a basic introduction to the concept of Open Access and the mechanics of making your research OA, please visit my other blog, "Forced Migration & Open Access." Then return to this blog for posts that take a look at trends in OA publication and tools to help users discover OA literature.

Stay tuned!

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