05 October 2017

News: UNHCR's Revised Policy on Emergency Response

UNHCR has rolled out a new "Policy on Emergency Preparedness and Response," which supersedes its 2015 Policy on Emergency Response Activation, Leadership and Accountabilities. Here's a description:

"[The policy] sets out coordination arrangements and specific accountabilities of different regional Bureaux and Divisions at Headquarters and of country operations for risk monitoring, preparations and humanitarian response. It describes how to engage with government, civil society, corporate sector, development organizations and local communities early on. It sets out accelerated internal procedures for partnerships and for mobilizing and accessing resources. It describes different roles for preliminary planning, specific training and processes for reviewing operational capacities."

This entry in the UNHCR Emergency Handbook provides an overview of the policy. Two related pamphlets also summarize key points regarding the policy and UNHCR's preparedness.

To learn about the revision process, read this Standing Committee report.

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