27 October 2017

Open Access Week: Overcoming the Self-Archiving Embargo

As I've noted in earlier posts, many journal publishers have imposed an embargo on postprints that are deposited in repositories, stipulating that a certain period of time must pass before they become publicly available. The length of the embargo varies from journal to journal, and can range from 6-24 months for social science & humanities titles.

The way around this restriction in some repositories is the implementation of the "request a copy" button. This service allows you to request a copy of the postprint and have it emailed to you with the consent of the author. Often, the turn-around time is as short as a day. This blog post describes how the service has worked at LSE.

And here is an example of a postprint for a Refugee Survey Quarterly article that was recently published online. Access to it is currently restricted, but a "request a copy" button is provided. Who would like to try it out?

Another option for these authors to make their work available immediately? Oxford's self-archiving policy allows them to upload the postprint to their personal web sites. This action accommodates the short-term, while depositing the postprint in the institutional repository ensures access over the long-term.

What if you don't have a personal web site? Set one up using a free service - it's generally pretty straightforward and doesn't require major technical skills.

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