06 June 2018

Regional Focus: United States - Pt. 1


Immigrant Heritage Month, June 2018 [info]
- See also related Immigration Impact blog post.

News and developments:

"Is the Trump Administration Hindering Asylum Seekers by Making It Harder to Tell Who Qualifies?," Pacific Standard, 1 June 2018 [text]
- Discusses the removal of training materials from the USCIS web site. See also related Sunlight Foundation report.

"Number of Central American Asylum Seekers Increases Despite Child-Separation Policy," NPR, 1 June 2018 [text]

"Trump Keeps Making It Harder for People to Seek Asylum Legally," Vox, 5 June 2018 [text]
- See also related Los Angeles Times article.

UN Office Condemns Trump Administration Family Separation Policies (ImmigrationProf Blog, June 2018) [text]
- Reproduces statement made by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights office.

Blog posts and commentary:

3rd-Generation Gangs and Political Opinion (Jeffrey S. Chase Blog, June 2018) [text]

Attorney as Counselor; Attorney as Cheerleader (The Asylumist Blog, May 2018) [text]

Immigration Agents X-raying Migrants to Determine Age Isn’t Just Illegal, It’s a Misuse of Science (The Conversation, May 2018) [text]

"Is the United States Losing Its Humanity?," New York Times, 31 May 2018 [text]
- Op-ed by Anne C. Richard, former assistant secretary of state for the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration.

It’s Time We Talk about TPS (ImmigrationProf Blog, June 2018) [text]

Statement for the Record, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing, “Full Committee Hearing Review of the FY 2019 State Department Budget Request”, 24 May 2018 [text]
- From Refugees International.

The Trump Administration and the Rhetoric of Genocide (The Asylumist Blog, May 2018) [text]
- Comment on the use of the term "animals" to describe gang members.

The US Administration Wants to Control Immigration by Slashing Aid. Here’s What They Need to Know (CGD Blog, June 2018) [text]

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