21 June 2018

Thematic Focus: Work/Economic Aspects


Call for contributions: The Positive Impact of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) on the Economy, IDMC [info]
- Submission deadline is 1 July 2018.


Are Refugees Located Near Urban Job Opportunities? An Analysis of Overlap Between Refugees and Major Urban Areas in Developing Countries, and Implications for Employment Opportunities and MNC Engagement (Center for Global Development & TENT, June 2018) [text]

Blessing or Burden? The Impact of Refugees on Businesses and the Informal Economy (SSRN, May 2018) [text]

"The Charities Integrating Asylum-seekers into the Workplace," WikiTribune, 6 June 2018 [text]

Countries Should Focus on Labour Market Policies to Help Refugees and Improve Coordinated Actions to Tackle Illegal Immigration (OECD, June 2018) [text]

Dispelling the Myth of Dependency (Inside Story, May 2018) [text]

How Migrants Who Send Money Home Have Become a Global Economic Force (World Economic Forum Blog, June 2018) [text]

The Immigrant Success Story: How Family-Based Immigrants Thrive in America (American Immigration Council, June 2018) [text]
- See also related Immigration Impact blog post.

Immigrants as Economic Contributors: Refugees are a Fiscal Success Story for America (National Immigration Forum, June 2018) [text]

"Macroeconomic Evidence Suggests That Asylum Seekers are Not a 'Burden' for Western European Countries," Science Advances, vol. 4, no. 6 (June 2018) [open access]
- See also related Nature article.

"Making Refugees Work? The Politics of Integrating Syrian Refugees into the Labor Market in Jordan," Middle East Critique, Latest Articles, 30 April 2018 [open access]

*Moving for Prosperity: Global Migration and Labor Markets (World Bank, June 2018) [access]

On World Refugee Day, We Ask: Are We Counting All the Benefits That Resettlement Has Brought? (CGD Blog, June 2018) [text]

Refugees are a ‘Win-win-win’ Formula for Economic Development (Up Front Blog, June 2018) [text]

The Ripple Effect: Economic Impacts of Internal Displacement - Research Agenda and Call for Partners (Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, June 2018) [text]
- Introduction to a new thematic series that "focuses on measuring the effects of internal displacement on the economic potential of IDPs, host communities and societies as a whole." The conceptual framework is set out in this document. IDMC's applied its new methodology for estimating lost productivity to an analysis of the 2015 earthquake in Nepal.

"A Self-reliance Model for Refugees," Washington Post, 18 June 2018 [text via RSC]

"A Surprising Global Economic Solution: Refugees," U.S. News & World Report, 20 June 2018 [text]

"Why Most Refugees Do Not Live in Camps," The Economist, 19 June 2018 [text]


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