06 June 2018

Regional Focus: United States - Pt. 2

Reports & Journal Articles:

"City of Exiles," California Sunday Magazine, 30 May 2018 [text]
- Long read on legal aid provided to deportees from and asylum-seekers to the U.S. who arrive in Tijuana, Mexico.

Deportation by Any Means Necessary: How Immigration Officials are Labeling Immigrant Youth as Gang Members (Immigration Legal Resource Center, May 2018) [text]
- See also additional gang allegation resources and a related Immigration Impact blog post.

"Family Separation and 'Zero-Tolerance' Policies Rolled Out to Stem Unwanted Migrants, but May Face Challenges," Migration Information Source, 24 May 2018 [text]

Georgetown Immigration Law Journal, vol. 32, no. 1 (Fall 2017) [free full-text]
- The contents of the current issue are freely available; access to past issues requires payment.

"Instilling Fear and Regulating Behavior: Immigration Law as Social Control," Georgetown Immigration Law Journal, vol. 31, no. 3 (Spring 2017) [full-text via SSRN]

"Mortality in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria," New England Journal of Medicine, 29 May 2018 [free full-text]

"The US Immigration System: Principles, Interests, and Policy Proposals to Guide Long-Term Reform," Journal on Migration and Human Security (Jan. 2018) [open access]
- Special collection of JMHS articles that "seeks to look beyond recent and current US immigration debates to outline a flexible, secure, and evidence-based immigration system that would serve the nation’s interests, reflect its democratic ideals, and benefit from the contributions of immigrants from throughout the world."

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