18 July 2018

Regional Focus: MENA, incl. Syria

"Algeria’s Migration Policy Conundrum," ISS Today, 4 July 2018 [text]

Catastrophe in Southwest Syria: The Urgent Need for Humanitarian Action (Refugees International, July 2018) [text]

Destination Europe: Demoralised (IRIN, July 2018) [text]

Dispossession or Development? The Tug of War over Syria’s Ruined Slum Dwellings (IRIN, July 2018) [text]

Examining the Protection of Migrants in Vulnerable Situations in the Contexts of Jordan and Lebanon (Mixed Migration Centre, June 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]

Getting by on the Margins: Sudanese and Somali Refugees - A Case Report of Refugees in Towns - Cairo, Egypt (Feinstein International Center, June 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]

"Humanitarian Aid Workers’ Knowledge of Minority Cultures in Iraqi Kurdistan," Journal of International Humanitarian Action, 3:9 (June 2018) [open access]

Local Faith Community Responses to Displacement in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey: Emerging Evidence and New Approaches (UCL, July 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]

Migrants, Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Jordan, 2017 (University of Turku, 2018) [text via ResearchGate]

"Migrants in Libya Face Rising Threat from 'Stronger' Gangs and Traffickers," Thomson Reuters Foundation News, 17 July 2018 [text]

Refugee Rights in Lebanon Not Up for Debate (Human Rights Watch, July 2018) [text]

Turkey Stops Registering Syrian Asylum Seekers (Human Rights Watch, July 2018) [text]

"UNHCR Set to Open New Refugee Transit Center in Tripoli," VOA News, 7 July 2018 [text]

Urbanization, Refugees and Irregular Migrants in Iran, 2017 (University of Turku, 2018) [text via ResearchGate]

Why Algeria is Emptying Itself of African Migrant Workers (Refugees Deeply, July 2018) [text]

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