23 January 2019

News: Free "Journal of Peace Research" Issue

A special issue of the Journal of Peace Research has been published, focusing on "refugees, forced migration, and conflict." The introductory article "describes the evolution of the international refugee regime and identifies theoretical and methodological advances in the relevant literature. It concludes with a discussion of the individual contributions to the issue, which seek to address gaps in the literature with respect to explaining motivations for refugee departures, understanding the relationship between refugee populations and political instability in host countries, and tracking public attitudes towards hosting refugee populations."

Articles are freely available until 1 March 2019 (although note the open access article will remain freely available!):
  • Refugees, forced migration, and conflict: Introduction to the special issue [text]
  • Motivation and opportunity for conflict-induced migration: An analysis of Syrian migration timing [text]
  • Civilian resettlement patterns in civil war [open access]
  • Refugees, ethnic power relations, and civil conflict in the country of asylum [text]
  • Camp settlement and communal conflict in sub-Saharan Africa [text]
  • Blame the victims? Refugees, state capacity, and non-state actor violence [text]
  • From protection to persecution: Threat environment and refugee scapegoating [text]
  • A persuasive peace: Syrian refugees’ attitudes towards compromise and civil war termination [text]
  • Violence, displacement, contact, and attitudes toward hosting refugees [text]
  • Introducing POSVAR: A dataset on refugee-related violence [text]
  • Conclusion: What academia can contribute to refugee policy [text]

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