30 January 2019

Regional Focus: United States


Government Announces Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) (or the "Remain in Mexico" Plan)
- From AILA: "The MPP alters screening procedures at ports of entry for Central American asylum applicants by having USCIS officers conduct an 'assessment' that determines whether applicants can pursue their claims from within the United States or whether they will be forced to do so from Mexico. Notwithstanding the fact that the assessment involves complex questions regarding persecution and torture on legally protected grounds, access to counsel during screening is prohibited."

AILA also provides links to official documents relating to the MPP, including:
- an FAQ and policy guidance from the Dept. of Homeland Security;
- a memo and guiding principles from Customs and Border Protection;
- guidance from USCIS for implementation of the MPP.

More info and background materials are available on AILA's "Featured Issue" page.


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