06 April 2012

Focus on Human Trafficking & Smuggling

Events (past and future):

Ending Human Trafficking, or Something Else?, Washington, DC, 13 April 2012 [info]
- "This event aims to probe deeper into just how governments and advocates define the problem of trafficking, and how these different perspectives play out on the ground. For example, does “trafficking” encompass all forced labor? Does “trafficking” encompass all acts involving the sale of sex? Are these conceptions of trafficking consistent with international anti-trafficking law – and does that even matter? How have these perspectives shaped advocacy efforts on the ground? Most importantly, have these interventions brought us any closer to a world without trafficking?"

Fighting Human Trafficking: Partnership and Innovation to End Violence against Women and Girls, New York, 3 April 2012 [info]
- Listen to the proceedings via the UN Audio Library, here and here.


Comprehensive Strategy to Combat Trafficking in Persons and Smuggling of Migrants (UNODC, March 2012) [text]

Human Trafficking in Calgary: Informing a Localized Response (ACT Alberta et al., March 2012) [text]

"Myths and Reality of Human Trafficking: A View from Southeast Asia,"
Interdisciplinary Political Studies, vol. 2, no. 1 (March 2012) [text]

Smuggling and Trafficking: Rights and Intersections (GAATW, 2011; posted March 2012) [text]
- See also related FAQs: "Human Rights in Migrant Smuggling" and "Smuggling and Trafficking Intersections."

A Thematic Compilation of Executive Committee Conclusions, Smuggling and Trafficking (UNHCR, June 2011) [text]

Web resource:

Special Feature Web Page: Trafficking in Human Beings (UNHCR, 2012) [access]

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