09 April 2012

Humanitarian Information: Access, Assessment & Management

Events & opportunities:

Establishing Effective Partnerships for Humanitarian Research and Practice, London and Live Online, 17 April 2012 [info]
- "This event launches the report "Effective academic-humanitarian collaboration: A practical resource to support academic and humanitarian organisations working together". The event, hosted by the Humanitarian Practice Network, will showcase the Enhancing Learning and Research for Humanitarian Assistance (ELRHA) study in greater depth. There will be a panel discussion around the value of partnerships, a presentation from one of the case studies and a demonstration of how to use the Online Guide."

FY 2012 Funding Opportunity Announcement for Research Projects to Strengthen Evidence-Based Humanitarian Decision Making by PRM and its Partners Worldwide [info]
- Funding will be prioritized "for projects involving research, assessment, formative evaluation, and the development of tools, operational guidance, and/or best practices to strengthen evidence-based humanitarian decision-making concerning one or more of the following topics/research questions: Partnerships with Local NGOs; Sustaining Returns; Education as Protection; Comparing Modes of Assistance; Impacts of Statelessness on Women and Children; Capacity to Care for Refugees with Significant Medical Conditions." The deadline for submitting a proposal is 8 May 2012.

Other related resources:

"Dealing with Disaster Databases: What Can We Learn from Health and Systematic Reviews?" PLoS Currents Disasters (Oct. 2011) [open access]

"Evidence for Disaster Risk Reduction, Planning and Response: Design of the Evidence Aid Survey," PLoS Currents Disasters (Oct. 2011) [open access]

Finding Online Information Resources (INFORM, 2010) [text]

"Health and Human Rights in Scientific Literature: A Systematic Review over a Decade (1999-2008)," Health and Human Rights, no. 13.2 (Dec. 2011) [open access]

"Humanitarian Information Management Network Effectiveness: An Analysis at the Organizational and Network Levels," iConference '11: Proceedings of the 2011 iConference (ACM, 2011) [abstract]

The OCHA Sitrep: Open Access and Political Pressure in Humanitarian Information (University of California, Berkeley, 2009) [text]

Promoting Innovation and Evidence-based Approaches to Building Resilience and Responding to Humanitarian Crises (DFID, Feb. 2012) [text]
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