04 April 2012

New or Updated Web Sites

Bedoon Rights [access]
- A site that documents the "human rights situation of Kuwait's stateless community."

Global Observatory (International Peace Institute) [access]
- Provides "analysis of global issues." See esp. articles tagged "humanitarian."

International Refugee Law Blog [access]
- New blog from the ABA's International Refugee Law committee.

RED Early Warning System/Atlas of Racism & Discrimination (RED Network) [access]
- "[A]ims at reporting and documenting racist and hate crime and discrimination situations and incidents, as well as positive initiatives and policy responses."

Refugee Law Reader (Hungarian Helsinki Committee) [access]
- 6th edition launched; now "more comprehensive in scope."

Refugee Lives (Northwestern University) [access]
- Project involving students traveling to Amman, Jordan, the Dzaleka refugee camp in Malawi, and the Osire Camp in Namibia, and reporting on refugees' experiences.

Regional Mixed Migration Secretariat (RMMS) [access]
- "The overall objective of the RMMS is to support agencies, institutions and forums in the Horn of Africa and Yemen sub-region to improve the management of protection and assistance response to people in mixed migration flows in the Horn of Africa and across the Gulf of Aden or Red Sea in Yemen."

RLI Hub (Refugee Law Initiative) [access]
- Will "support sharing, collaboration and dissemination of information by academics and non-academics, refugee law scholars and practitioners."

UNHCR in Arabic [access]
- Read the press release for more info.

[Image credit: UNHCR launches new global Arabic website]

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