25 April 2012

Focus on Humanitarian Assistance

Tomorrow, the eighth "Humanitarian Assistance Webcast" is scheduled to air; the topic is "Human Rights and Humanitarian Action."  Registration is required. Follow the link to sign up and review related resources.

Previous Humanitarian Assistance Webcasts covered the following issues:

  • Webcast 7: Empowering Beneficiaries: Humanitarian Professionals at a Crossroads? [access]
  • Webcast 6: The Integration of Humanitarian Action in Political and Security Missions [access]
  • Webcast 5: Status of Humanitarian Reform [access]
  • Webcast 4: NGOs’ Rights and Responsibilities for Humanitarian Access [access]
  • Webcast 3: From Mitigation to Prevention and Rehabilitation: The Changing Scope of Humanitarian Action [access]
  • Webcast 2: The Challenges of Professionalizing Humanitarian Action [access]
  • Webcast 1: Community Participation in Humanitarian Relief and Protection: From Principle to Reality [access]

The complete set of webcasts is available via ATHA.

New resource:

ELRHA's Guide to Constructing Effective Partnerships was launched on 17 April 2012.  The Guide is a resource designed to "support collaboration between humanitarian and academic organisations."  Sections include Background, How to Collaborate, The Evidence, The Learning and The Community.


"Carving Out a Niche for Humanitarianism within the Responsibility to Protect," Macalester Review, vol. 2, no. 1 (2012) [full-text]

"Humanitarian Funding," Humanitarian Policy Note (Oxfam, April 2012) [access]

Managing Gender-based Violence Programmes in Emergencies: E-learning Companion Guide (UNFPA, April 2012) [text]
- Companion guide to e-learning course.

Private Funding: An Emerging Trend in Humanitarian Donorship (Global Humanitarian Assistance, 2012) [text]

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