16 April 2012

Urban Issues


Global Approach to Urban Refugee Issues (JRS, March 2012) [text]
- See also this blog post.

"The Great Urban Migration," Perspective, no. 4 (2011) [text]
- Pp. 34-38.

Life in Town: Migration from Rural Karamoja to Moroto and Mbale (Feinstein International Center, March 2012) [text]

Prehospital and Disaster Medicine, forthcoming (2012)
- Urbanization and Humanitarian Access Working Group: Toward Guidelines for Humanitarian Standards and Operations in Urban Settings [abstract]
- Urbanization and Humanitarian Access Working Group: A Blueprint for the Development of Prevention and Preparedness Indicators for Urban Humanitarian Crises [abstract]

Survival in the City: Youth, Displacement and Violence in Urban Settings, HPG Policy Brief, no. 44 (ODI, March 2012) [text]

"Urban Refugees," Perspective, no. 4 (2011) [text]
- Pp. 38-39.

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