21 May 2012

Focus on Children

The final report of a COMPAS project on undocumented migrant children in the UK has just been released: No Way Out, No Way In: Irregular Migrant Children and Families in the UK.

Other new resources that focus on children include:

"Children and Young People in Immigration Detention," Current Opinion in Psychiatry, Advance Access, 7 May 2012 [abstract]
- "This article reviews evidence about the impact of immigration detention and other restrictive immigration policies on the mental health of children, young people and the adults who care for them."

"Children and Young People who are Refugees, Internally Displaced Persons or Survivors or Perpetrators of War, Mass Violence and Terrorism," Current Opinion in Psychiatry, Advance Access, 7 May 2012 [abstract]
- "This article draws upon articles published since 2009 to identify research evidence about the psychosocial aspects of children and young people's responses to their exposure to war, collective violence and terrorism."

Innovation through Refugee Children’s Participation (Centre for Migration Policy Research, 2012) [info]
- New project funded by Humanitarian Innovation Fund small grant.

"Medical, Statistical, Ethical and Human Rights Considerations in the Assessment of Age in Children and Young People Subject to Immigration Control," British Medical Bulletin, Advance Access, 14 May 2012 [abstract]
- "The article reviews the existing evidence on the reliability of medical and non-medical techniques for the assessment of chronological age."

Navigating the System: Advice Provision for Young Refugees and Migrants (Children's Legal Centre, May 2012) [text]

Not a Minor Offence: Unaccompanied Children Locked Up as Part of the Asylum System (Refugee Council, May 2012) [text]

Protecting Children Affected by Armed Conflict: Advancing the Agenda of the Last 10 Years (UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, March 2012) [text via ReliefWeb]
- Conference report.

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