22 May 2012

New Resource: Collection of Papers

Asylum, Migration and Humanitarian Action: 
A Collection of Papers on Refugee-related Issues 

by Jeff Crisp

1. Policy challenges of the new diasporas: migrant networks and their impact on asylum flows and regimes, 1999

2. "Who has counted the refugees?" UNHCR and the politics of numbers, 1999

3. A state of insecurity: the political economy of violence in refugee-populated areas of Kenya, 1999

4. Africa’s refugees: patterns, problems and policy challenges, 2000

5. Mind the gap! UNHCR, humanitarian assistance and the development process, 2001

6. Refugee protection and migration management: the challenge for UNHCR, 2002 (with Damtew Dessalegne)

7. No solutions in sight: the problem of protracted refugee situations in Africa, 2003

8. A new asylum paradigm? Globalization, migration and the uncertain future of the international refugee regime, 2003

9. The local integration and local settlement of refugees: a conceptual and historical analysis, 2004

10. Forced displacement in Africa: dimensions, difficulties and policy directions, 2006

11. Beyond the nexus: UNHCR’s evolving perspective on refugee protection and international migration, 2008

12. Globalization, poverty and mobility: an introduction to the developmental dimensions of international migration, 2008

13. A surrogate state? The role of UNHCR in protracted refugee situations, 2009 (with Amy Slaughter)

14. In harms way: the irregular movement of migrants to Southern Africa from the Horn and Great Lakes regions, 2011 (with Katy Long)

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