11 May 2012

New Items from UNHCR

Six years after the last edition, a new State of the World's Refugees is due to be published this month by Oxford University Press (OUP).  The theme is "In Search of Solidarity."  Previous editions are available on the Publications page of the UNHCR web site (right side).

For more information on this flagship publication, check out the table of contents; here is part of the description:

Drawing on UNHCR's direct experience, eight chapters address key challenges, starting with the diminishing space for humanitarian action in places like Somalia and Afghanistan. Protracted conflicts mean that fewer refugees are able to return home, yet restrictive state policies limit possibilities for local integration and resettlement, and threaten the institution of asylum. Rising numbers are displaced within their own countries, driven from their homes by climate change and natural disasters, as well as by conflict and human rights abuses. Refugees and displaced people increasingly live in cities rather than in camps, and are harder to reach. Statelessness, an anachronism in the 21st century, is prevalent on all continents, leaving millions of lives in limbo. The closing chapter addresses the book's central theme: how to develop international solidarity to help states shoulder their responsibilities for the forcibly displaced. Case studies drawn from UNHCR's work in the field illustrate the issues.

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Other recent items from UNHCR include:

But When Will Our Turn Come? A Review of the Implementation of UNHCR’s Urban Refugee Policy in Malaysia, PDES/2012/02 (UNHCR, May 2012) [text]

In the Shelter of Each Other: Notions of Home and Belonging amongst Somali Refugees in Nairobi, New Issues in Refugee Research, no. 233 (UNHCR, May 2012) [text]

Light Years Ahead: Innovative Technology for Better Refugee Protection (UNHCR, March 2012) [text]

Statelessness in the Canadian Context: An Updated Discussion Paper (UNHCR, March 2012) [text]

UNHCR Position on Returns to Mali (UNHCR, May 2012) [text]

UNHCR Submission on Bill C-31: Protecting Canada's Immigration System Act (UNHCR Canada, May 2012) [text]

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