02 May 2012

Focus on Humanitarian Assistance

The Overseas Development Institute has launched a new report entitled "Humanitarian Space: A Review of Trends and Issues."  A summary version of the report in the form of a policy brief is also available.  Here's the blurb:
This HPG Report reviews key trends and issues affecting humanitarian space over the last decade. It argues that the discourse of ‘shrinking’ humanitarian space, to which the solution is simply greater adherence to principles, is not borne out by the evidence.

See also IRIN's coverage of the launch and the report.  The report is based in part on a series of roundtable discussions held between Oct. 2010 to March 2011 on the concept and meaning of humanitarian space.

Other recent publications that focus on issues relating to humanitarian assistance:

The 2011 Humanitarian Accountability Report (HAP International, April 2012) [text]

Humanitarian Space in Somalia: A Scarce Commodity, HPG Working Paper (ODI, April 2012) [text]

IASC Real-Time Evaluation of the Humanitarian Response to the Horn of Africa Drought Crisis: Kenya (Inter-Agency Standing Committee, April 2012) [text via ReliefWeb]

Mali: Negotiating Humanitarian Access in the North (IRIN, April 2012) [text]

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