15 August 2012

Asylum Policy in Australia

The Expert Panel on Asylum Seekers that I referenced in this earlier post has released its report "on the best way forward for Australia to prevent asylum seekers risking their lives on dangerous boat journeys to Australia."  A summary of the recommendations is available on FlagPost.

As a counterpoint, the Conversation's expert panel has issued its own report on "Saving Lives at Sea."

Here are a few initial reactions to the government's panel proposals:

  • Pacific Solution #2 Sparks Humanitarian Concerns (Crikey, Aug. 2012) [info via Brookings-LSE]
  • Premier of Australia Backs Plan on Refugees (New York Times, Aug. 2012) [text via Oppenheimer Chair]
  • Protection Sidelined in Rush to Implement Deterrence (Refugee Council of Australia, Aug. 2012) [text]
  • Reaction to Australian Policy Reforms (IRIN, Aug. 2012) [text]
  • Refugees and the Houston Report (Independent Australia, Aug. 2012) [text]
  • Refugees: What We Should Do (Centre for Policy Development, Aug. 2012) [text]
  • Report on Asylum Seekers Won’t Please Everyone (Pro Bono News, Aug. 2012) [text]
  • UNHCR Statement: Expert Panel Report (UNHCR Australia, Aug. 2012) [text]
  • What the Expert Panel on Asylum Seekers Should Say (Amnesty International Australia, Aug. 2012) [text]

Earlier, the Expert Panel had solicited comments from the public, which it factored into its deliberations; submissions are available on the group's web site as well as on this RCOA page.

Other recent items relating to Australia:

Can a TV Series Change the Refugee Debate, for Good? (Amnesty International Australia, Aug. 2012) [text]
- Note: One screening of the a/m series will be hosted by the Brotherhood of St. Laurence on 30 Aug. 2012.

Leading the Way on Asylum (Inside Story, Aug. 2012) [text]

Parliamentary Approval Sought for Off-shore Processing (Centre for Policy Development, Aug. 2012) [access]

Six Days on Nauru (Inside Story, Aug. 2012) [text]

"Studying the Health Needs of Refugees," Eureka Street, vol. 22, no. 15 (2012) [access]

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