09 August 2012

Focus on Ethics

Two upcoming conferences have included "ethics" among the themes to be explored in panels and presentations:

IASFM14: Contested Spaces and Cartographic Challenges, Kolkata, India, 6-9 January 2013 [info]
- The sub-theme on "Protection, Ethics and Justice" takes as its objective, "Exploring the strategies of protection: what are the protection strategies that are adopted today? What are the best practices in this regard? The segment aims to analyse the national, regional and international protection strategies against the backdrop of ethics and justice."
- One of the panels proposed for this meeting will focus on "Research Ethics in Conflict Situations and Humanitarian Crises."

International Conference on Development-induced Displacement and Resettlement, Oxford, 22-23 March 2013 [info]
- Papers are invited to address "conceptual and ethical discussions": "For a broader understanding and critical engagement of policy and processes, there is a need to continue conceptual and ethical discussions on development-induced displacement and resettlement. Under this theme, the conference invites papers conceptualising and theorising aspects and processes of DIDR and ethical and/or human rights perspectives on DIDR."

Other recent related items include:

"Addressing Ethical and Methodological Challenges in Research with Refugee-background Young People: Reflections from the Field," Journal of Refugee Studies, Advance Access, 7 May 2012 [abstract]

Dignity across Borders: Rethinking the Protection of Refugees and IDPs from an Ethical Perspective, Thesis submitted to the School of Theology and Ministry (Boston College, March 2010) [text]

"Dilemmas and Strategies in Research on Migrants: A Case Study in Law and Sociology," Chapter in Law and Method: Interdisciplinary Research into Law (Mohr Siebeck, 2011; posted July 2012) [preprint via SSRN]

"New Perspectives on the Ethics of International Migration," American Behavioral Scientist, vol. 56, no. 9 (Sept. 2012) [full-text]
- Introductory article to the special issue.

In addition, interested readers can follow an online discussion of the book Displacement by Development: Ethics, Rights and Responsibilities (Cambridge University Press, 2011).  Here's the line-up of scheduled commenters; begin with the introduction by the authors of the book and continue chronologically with posts listed under the Archives in the navigation panel on the right.

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