21 August 2012

More Developments in Australia

Following the release of a report from an Expert Panel on Asylum Seekers, the Australian government has now "passed a law allowing it to transfer asylum-seekers arriving by boat to other countries [Nauru and Papua New Guinea], despite objections that refugees could be held indefinitely in remote camps."  For more information, read a lengthy analysis from Inside Story and reactions from Human Rights Watch, Refugee Council of Australia, and UNHCR Australia.

Other publications:

The Constitution, the High Court and Asylum-Seekers, UNSW Law Research Paper No. 2012-31 (SSRN,   posted Aug. 2012) [text]

Design Options for the "Building a New Life in Australia Longitudinal Survey of Humanitarian Migrants" (Department of Immigration and Citizenship, June 2012) [text]

Houston Report on Asylum Seekers: Did the Panel Listen to the Experts? (The Conversation, Aug. 2012) [text]

An Overview of NSW's Hidden Homeless: Issues Surrounding Asylum Seeker Homelessness (Asylum Seekers Centre of New South Wales, 2012) [text]

[Map credit: UNHCR Canberra]

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