30 September 2013

64th Session of EXCOM

The 64th session of the Executive Committee of the High Commissioner's Programme (EXCOM) began this morning in Geneva and will continue through the end of the week.  As I noted in yesterday's post, the first day of meetings is devoted to the Syrian refugee crisis and how best to support host countries.  Discussions will close after the Tuesday morning session; general debate will open in the afternoon.

Here is the provisional agenda with annotations and the estimated schedule.  For the first time, portions of the meeting will be livestreamed.

Side events taking place this year include:
- Protection of Syrian Refugee Children
- The High Commissioner’s Global Initiative on Solutions for Somali Refugees
- The Nansen Initiative: Results Achieved and Activities Ahead
- Implementation of the Solutions Strategy for Afghan Refugees: Achievements and Challenges
- Thinking Outside the Camp: Urban Profiling and Assessment
- Assessing Credibility in Asylum Procedures

In addition, the Nansen Refugee Award ceremony will be held this evening, with the honors going to Sister Angélique Namaika.  (See also this profile.)

Plenary session documents are provided here.

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