11 September 2013

New Issue of JRS

A new issue of the Journal of Refugee Studies (JRS) is now available.  Contents for vol. 26, no. 3, Sept. 2013 include:

Special Feature: Supervising the Refugee Convention:
  • Introduction [extract] [preprint]
  • Roundtable on the Future of Refugee Convention Supervision [extract] [summ. concl.]
  • Is there a Need for Better Supervision of the Refugee Convention? [abstract]
  • Lessons from Supervisory Mechanisms in International and Regional Law [abstract]
  • A Proposal for Enhanced Supervision of the Refugee Convention [abstract]

  • ‘White Tigers’: Researcher Roles in Relation to Linking Social Capital within Tamil Voluntary Associations in Norway [abstract]
  • Exiles, Art, and Political Activism: Fighting the Pinochet Regime from Afar [abstract]
  • In Search of Sanctuary: Border Closures, ‘Safe’ Zones and Refugee Protection [abstract]
  • Resettlement of Somali Bantu Refugees in an Era of Economic Globalization [abstract]

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