26 September 2013

Thematic Focus: Health

"Annual Research Review: Resilience and Mental Health in Children and Adolescents Living in Areas of Armed Conflict: A Systematic Review of Findings in Low- and Middle-income Countries," Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, vol. 54, no. 4 (April 2013) [free full-text]

Conducting Research on Mental Health with Refugees, Presentation at the Unity in Diversity Conference, 16-17 August 2013, Townsville, Australia [text]

Coordinated Primary Health Care for Refugees: A Best Practice Framework for Australia  (SAPCRU, Sept. 2013) [text]

"High Rate of Completion of Preventive Therapy for Latent Tuberculosis Infection among Asylum Seekers in a Swiss Canton," Swiss Medical Weekly, 143:w13860 (Sept. 2013) [open access text]

"Tuberculosis Case Finding Based on Symptom Screening among Immigrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Rome," BMC Public Health, 13:872 (Sept. 2013) [open access text]

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