29 September 2013

Regional Focus: Syria


Syria will be high on the agenda next week at the 64th meeting of the UNHCR Executive Committee.  The first two days will include sessions devoted to a "High-level Segment on Solidarity and Burden-sharing with Countries Hosting Syrian Refugees."  Here is an agenda for the segment, along with a concept paper and an outline of the HC's opening remarks.  Background documentation that has been made available includes a refugee fact sheet, funding updates for UNHCR and for all agencies, and a time line.  Also scheduled is a side event on "Protection of Syrian Refugee Children."

*Update: Two additional items have been posted today (30 Sept. 2013):
- Countries Hosting Syrian Refugees: Solidarity and Burden-sharing - Background Papers for the High Level Segment
- Solutions for Syrian Refugees


UNHCR is recruiting applicants for a wide variety of positions to assist with the humanitarian response to the Syrian refugee crisis.  More information is available here.  The deadline for external applicants is 10 October 2013.


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