19 September 2013

New ETDs - Part 2

(ETDs = Electronic Theses & Dissertations)

Making a Way When There is no Way: The Experiences and Challenges of Gang Affected Young Adult Refugees in Winnipeg, Thesis (Univ. of Manitoba, Aug. 2013) [text]

NGOs' Position & Role in the Dublin II Discussion: A Case Study on the Involvement of the Advocacy Networks ECRE and Pro Asyl in the European Asylum Policy, Thesis (Lund Univ., Spring 2013) [text]

Overcoming Invisibility: The Meaning and Process of Returnee Reintegration, Dissertation (American Univ., Aug. 2013) [text]

Street of Refuge: Public Space for Urban Refugees, Thesis (Delft Univ. of Technology, Sept. 2013) [access]

"Stuck in Thorns": The Effects of Power on Liberian Refugees in Guinea, Thesis (Bergen Univ., Spring 2013) [text]

A Tale of Two Organizations: UNRWA and UNHCR in Lebanon, Thesis (Central European Univ., 2013) [text]

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