09 December 2013

Tip of the Week: Finding Images!

Use this resource to help you find, use and cite digital images:

Images: A Guide to Finding Visual Resources (Cornell University Library) [access]
- See esp. "Open Web" section.

Use this search engine to locate the original creator of an image:

TinEye: Reverse Image Search (EJC) [access]

Use Google and Bing to search for images with Creative Commons licenses (i.e., they can be legally re-used):

1. Google
- Start from Google's Advanced Search page.
- Enter your search term(s).
- Then next to "usage rights," select from the CC license type options.
- Click on the "Advanced Search" button to launch your search.
- Your search results will be displayed.  Select "Images" at the top to display only images.  Notice the "labeled for reuse" option in bold.  Click the drop-down menu to switch to a different license type.

2.  Bing
- Start from Bing's Image search page.
- Enter your search term(s).
- Notice the drop-down menu at the top of your search results; select from the various options for reusable images.

[Image credit: "Declaration of Intention for Albert Einstein, 10/01/1940," National Archives]

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