28 July 2016

Thematic Focus: General


For the first time, a team of refugee athletes will compete in the Olympics. The 2016 games start next week in Rio de Janeiro. For a useful overview of the 10 participants and their events, visit this Wikipedia page. Check out the IOC site for some video profiles of the athletes. And for some historical context, read this news story.


Alert 2016! Report on Conflicts, Human Rights and Peacebuilding (School for a Culture of Peace, July 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

Annual Report 2015 (IDMC, July 2016) [text]

A Global Action Platform and Fund for Forced Migrants: A Proposal (Fl√ľchtlingsforschungsBlog, July 2016) [text]

Joint Expert Statement on Internally Displaced Persons (June 2016) [text]
- To be presented to the High Level Meeting to Address Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants, 19 September 2016.

Leaving No One (Apart from Migrants and Refugees) Behind: Are the Sustainable Development Goals Fit for Purpose? (IRIN, July 2016) [text]

A Poor Welcome from the World's Wealthy (Oxfam, July 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

Understanding Migrant Decisions (The Migrationist Blog, June & July 2016) [access]
- Series of blog posts based on chapters in the recently published book, Understanding Migrant Decisions: From Sub-Saharan Africa to the Mediterranean Region (Routledge, June 2016) .


Museums and Migration [access]
- "More and more museums are interested in the current debate about migration and its latest epiphany, the so-called “refugees crisis”: there is a proliferation of exhibitions, conferences, seminars, workshops. Through this blog we want to document this richness, mainly at European scale (but not only). We want to question the role of museums, their agency, their activism or rather their silence. ..."

*What Does It Mean to be a Refugee? (TED Ed, June 2016) [access]
- "About 60 million people around the globe have been forced to leave their homes to escape war, violence and persecution. The majority have become Internally Displaced Persons, meaning they fled their homes but are still in their own countries. Others, referred to as refugees, sought shelter outside their own country. But what does that term really mean?"


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