28 September 2020

Updated Resource: Collection of Papers

In an earlier post about news sources, I mentioned Jeff Crisp as a good person to follow on Twitter for a steady stream of links to news stories. He also happens to be a prolific writer, as you will see from this bibliography. References are organized in reverse chronological order.

Refugee Reflections: 
Commentary and Analysis 2013-2020

updated Sept. 2020


UNHCR at 70: an uncertain future for the international refugee regime’
Global Governance, September 2020

United Against Inhumanity, September 2020

The end of the road? Rejected asylum seekers in the Global South’ (with Elena Habersky)
Refugee Law Initiative, September 2020

United Against Inhumanity, July 2020

Saving lives and protecting human rights: why safe and legal routes are needed for refugees’
Migrant Offshore Aid Station, June 2020

After the Forum: new directions in global refugee policy’
Transnational Figurations of Displacement, January 2020


The New Humanitarian, December 2019

Comparative Network on Refugee Externalization Policies, November 2019

The Guardian, October 2019

Refugees are finding their own solutions - but are taking great risks in the process
Refugee Law Initiative, June 2019

Review of ‘Refuge lost: asylum law in an interdependent world
Journal of Refugee Studies, March 2019


A global academic network on refugees: some unanswered questions
International Journal of Refugee Law, December 2018

As the world abandons refugees, UNHCR’s constraints are exposed
Refugees Deeply, September 2018

Leaving Libya by boat: what happens after disembarkation?
International Refugee Rights Initiative, April 2018

Beware the notion that better data lead to better outcomes for refugees and migrants
Chatham House, March 2018

Refugees Deeply, January 2018

Operation Sovereign Borders: a prehistory’,
Inside Story, January 2018


Review of ‘Refugees in extended exile: living on the edge
Journal of Refugee Studies, December 2017

The Global Compact on Refugees: what can we expect?
Refugees International, December 2017

Bosphorus Migration, October 2017

New York Declaration on Refugees: a one-year report card
Refugees Deeply, September 2017

It’s far too early to talk of return for Syrian refugees
Chatham House, August 2017

The case against refugee camps
Refugees International, June 2017

Refugees: the Trojan horse of terrorism?
Open Democracy, June 2017

Focus on refugees risks neglecting the internally displaced
Chatham House, May 2017  

An inside account of UNHCR’s urban refugee policy
Refugees Deeply, April 2017

Finding space for protection: an inside account of the evolution of UNHCR’s urban refugee policy
Refuge, March 2017  

Trump era casts new shadow over refugees
Chatham House, January 2017


Safe and voluntary repatriation: from principle to practice’ (with Katy Long)
Journal on Migration and Human Security, September 2016

Minor miracle or historic failure ahead for UN summit?
Refugees Deeply, August 2016

A troubling tradition of excluding refugees
Refugees Deeply, May 2016

Can humanitarian summit create a Global Compact?
Refugees Deeply, May 2016

The Syrian refugee emergency: implications for state security and the international humanitarian system
Middle East Institute, April 2016

Protection and pragmatism: the EU-Turkey refugee deal in historical perspective
Open Democracy, March 2016

Can Europe rise to the refugee challenge?
Refugees International, January 2016


New border regime in the Balkans inequitable and illegal
The New Humanitarian, November 2015

A long way to go for Somali refugee returns’ (with Mark Yarnell)
Refugees International, November 2015

Zaatari: a camp and not a city
Refugees International, October 2015

Refugee settlement and self-reliance: new challenges for UNHCR
Refugees International, July 2015

Military madness in the Med
Oxford Department of International Development, June 2015

Australia and Europe: failing the world’s refugees
Asylum Insight, June 2015

Syria’s refugees: a global responsibility
Open Democracy, June 2015

Legal routes no easy fix to EU migration crisis
The New Humanitarian, April 2015

Sri Lanka’s unfinished humanitarian business
Refugees International, March 2015

Humanitarian responses alone won’t solve refugee crises
Right Now, February 2015


Resettlement: a new start in life?
Refugees International, December 2014

Get up, stand up: how serious is the UN’s new human rights initiative?
Refugees International, December 2014 

Myanmar: a tipping point for refugee rights?’ (with Sarnata Reynolds)
Refugees International, November 2014  

Humanitarian emergencies: a new funding formula?
Refugees International, October 2014

Local integration: thumbs up for Tanzania
Refugees International, October 2014

No rush to return for Kayin’s displaced
Refugees International, October 2014

No way of escape
Refugees International, September 2014

Out of camp, out of mind?
Refugees International, September 2014

Tough times for Syrian refugees in Egypt’ (with Daryl Grisgraber)
Refugees International, May 2014

Flight to Egypt
Refugees International, March 2014

Beyond emergency assistance: Syrian refugees in Jordan and Northern Iraq’ (with Daryl Grisgraber)
Refugees International, February 2014

Syrian refugees at risk
Refugees International, January 2014 


Let’s hear it for the hosts
Refugees International, December 2013  

Missing the boat: Europe’s asylum and immigration crisis
Open Democracy, November 2013 

From slow boil to breaking point: a real time evaluation of UNHCR’s response to the Syrian refugee emergency’ (with Frances Voon et al)
UNHCR, July 2013 

Destination Delhi: a review of the implementation of UNHCR’s urban refugee policy in India’s capital city (with MaryBeth Morand)
UNHCR, July 2013

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